Main topics

Water and wastewater treatment

Air protection

Renewable energy sources

Waste management and sludge management


Water management

Water supply and sewerage systems


Hydrology and meteorology

Heating, gas engineering and air conditioning

We also invite to submit topics related to:

  • Building architecture and its influence on indoor microclimate forming
  • Influence of building glazing on the room thermal balance
  • Climate forming in the building for the special purpose
  • Building architecture and installations in the extremal environment (pole, space)
Civil engineering

  • Energy certification
  • Energy-efficient and passive buildings
  • Thermo-modernization and thermo-renovation of buildings
  • Energy efficiency of buildings, air quality
  • Sustainable development
  • Smart buildings
  • Underground and water construction

  • Energy converting systems
  • Materials processing
  • Automatization of processes and machines used in environmental engineering and protection
  • Construction and building of machines in passive buildings

  • Raw materials processing and waste management
  • Membrane processes
  • Designing and selection of equipment used in water, air and soil protection
  • Ecological chemistry and biochemistry
  • Production, processing, and recycling of materials
  • Chemical analysis in quality control and environmental protection
  • Application of chemistry in agriculture
Geoengineering, Mining, and Geology

  • Geothermal energy and geothermal heating
  • Energy efficiency
  • Optimization of the raw materials and energy demand
  • Geotechnics
  • Solutions in the area of mining and geology compatible with environmental requirements
Mechanic and energy

  • Energy machines and devices
  • Cooling, heating, and air-conditioning
  • Energy and atmosphere protection
  • Nuclear energy
  • Renewable energy sources